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Understanding the priorities and ambitions of your business is something we do well. We are experienced industry professionals. We feel your pain. Getting a good handle on what is uppermost in your business and the goals you are setting to achieve helps us develop a bespoke solution for building a customer base that works for you as well as the customer.

But our experience and insights are far broader than that. Retail psychology, loyalty and reward and addressing consumer engagement are addressable challenges that RGEP can bring to the sector as a support for successful acquisition and retention.

'Save on Energy' - PRICE IMPROVEMENT SERVICE - With a difference

Delivering VOLUME & VALUE with an Aquire to Retain programme.

We contact tens of thousands of householders every week in the UK offering the RGEP service. Because we make a consented and direct approach as an independent customer advocate, we are successful at matching customers with the suppliers of their choice. We make the sale for the supplier and then leave it to the energy company to manage the relationship going forward. This is a programme limited to no more than 6 partners at any time. 

Our points of difference to Price Comparison Websites

  1. Maximum 6 energy supply partners subscribed - focus on quality and service
  2. The 'Offline' disengaged customers are targeted through our 'Customer Advocacy' outbound / direct channels
  3. The lowest three prices are always presented (so less competitive offerings are not visible)
  4. Customers of the energy supply partners are identified and offered Save products
  5. The customer becomes a customer of the energy supply partner - not RGEP
  6. If any customer leaves within 2 years of joining, rebates on commission apply
  7. The 'Save on Energy' service actively promotes dual fuel / DD / Online billing

A key feature of our 'Save on Energy' programme is our Partner Save service. When RGEP encounters a customer of one of our energy supply partners, we provide a Save service introducing the tariff option of the customer's existing supplier that could be a preference for the customer in staying with their supplier.


 If an energy supply partner has more specific requirements for building the customer base, we can of course help with a more bespoke service where more specific and more focused campaigning might help to deliver the goals of the business sooner. 

That may be further volume or a particular mix of consumption, payment type or fuel. We can help define the programme and deliver the customer profile through our service packages.


 The RGEP 'Save on Energy' service provides a rebate to the energy supply company if a customer leaves within the first two years of the relationship. Having extensive experience in retention marketing and communications, let RGEP help with your retention objectives. 

One in every 3 or 4 customers we help will be a current customer of one of our energy supply partners. Those customers may strongly prefer to remain with their current supplier but on the best deal for them. We can help make that happen as part of our core service package. 

Alternatively we can execute bespoke retention campaigns developed jointly that are exclusive to the energy supply partner business.

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