About Us

It's time for change ..

RGEP was established by experienced executives from the energy supply industry that shared the frustrations with how the market operated and could bring solutions.

The relationship between the energy supply companies and the householder has suffered as a result of confusion and misconception and the opportunity presented in the market for  price comparison websites filled a space as customer advocate. 

All that glistens however, is not Gold.

RGEP was created to help re-build that relationship for the companies that have demonstrated quality customer care and good standards of service.

Consumers use RGEP through the SAVE on ENERGY service because they are provided with highly competitive prices from highly reputable suppliers and are not bombarded by RGEP with marketing emails and fake offers and deals. We discuss their situation (either on the phone or in person), we find them the best deal available through the partnership and we make the switch for them. Simple.

What makes RGEP different from price comparison websites?


 We are choosy who we do business with. Enduring customer relationships are only possible with energy supply partners that possess higher than average customer service ratings. We only partner with a limited number of energy supply companies (no more than 6) and no more than 3 of the 'big 6'. Enough for healthy competition and to maintain independence. But never a poorly rated company. 


 An enduring customer relationship needs time and space to develop. We don't interfere in that process and once we have made the switch, we step aside and allow the successful company to take over and develop the relationship. Unlike price comparison websites, we are not in business to interfere with the relationship - quite the opposite. 


 No two customers are the same. Some energy supply companies may be prescriptive about the blend of customer profiles that they prefer to introduce to the their business to help with competitiveness overall or to balance their risk. RGEP makes sure that the value of customers to your business is fully understood and realised. 


 From developing an acquisition strategy, through value based pricing, outbound / direct and offline sales, RGEP access the non-PCW market to obtain that 'loyal' customer and switch them over so the first step you take is sending out the welcome pack!  


 In-house professionals, consultants and specialists are available and included in the service to provide one to one advice, planning and management of customer acquisition programmes. This is where we get strategic and build medium to long term stability and growth. 


 Acquire to retain. Not only can RGEP provide a full end to end managed service for strategic acquisition, but we are happy to plan and execute performance based retention marketing programmes that suit your business and budget. This includes our standard customer loss rebate for those customers acquired by RGEP and our standard SAVE offering which applies to households already a customer of a partnership chosen supplier. 

What the paper's say

A price driven market? For how much longer we would ask

Building a customer base in a competitive market can never be left to price when you are a challenger brand. No matter what the sector, when you simply don't have a good reason to be the cheapest like every other supplier you end up looking for what makes you different, appealing to a target audience and is a difference that is valued by the customer. Now that is sustainable... That we can fight for.. That gives us something worth talking to customers about! That we like!