providing the space and time to build great customer relationships

End to end customer acquisition programmes.

Sustainable - Affordable - Scalable

a partnership - acquiring to retain

Our Experience

The management team has over 50 years of experience developing and executing successful marketing and sales strategies in the energy supply industry. From strategy, planning and management to the delivery of fully switched customers - we have done it all.

Our Approach

As a supplier we perform very well. As a partner, we perform brilliantly. We are focused on residential gas and electricity customers. We engage with our Partners understanding their strategy and developing methods to deliver on them. Then we get on and deliver.

What Makes us Different

Almost everything. Experienced in the sector, restoring customer relationships, incentivised on quality, sticky customers, impartial customer advocates with exclusivity on limited quality energy supply businesses. We are focused, far more than a 'meerkat'.

the services we provide to our partners


Our flagship national customer advocacy programme - with some key differences

Prescribed Acquisition Service

Our bespoke managed target acquisition programme

Insights and Advisory Service

Strategy and planning. Helping our Partners refine and reform strategy.